Bone conduction implant

Why consider a bone conduction implant?

A bone conduction implant works like a hearing aid and helps to bring sounds back into a normal hearing range.

People with certain types of hearing losses may benefit from a bone conduction implant.

  • If a hearing loss exists because of a problem in the outer and/or middle ears then a hearing aid will most likely help. However, if wearing a hearing aid causes repeated ear infections or severe discomfort, your doctor may advise you not to wear a hearing aid. In such cases a bone conduction implant could be the solution.
  • If you have a hearing loss in only one ear and if that hearing loss is too great for a hearing aid to help, then a bone conduction implant may be an option.

How does a bone conduction implant work?

Consider normal hearing where sound is transmitted along the following route:

Sound -> external ear  ->  middle ear -> inner ear (cochlea) -> brain

A bone conduction implant processes incoming sound dependent on your hearing levels. Instead of sending the sound through your ear as a hearing aid would, it sends the sound by vibration across your skull to the hearing organ (cochlea).

Sound -> cochlea -> brain

A bone conduction implant may be an option if you:

  • Should wear hearing aids but can’t because of repeated ear infections.
  • have lost the hearing in one ear.

We work closely with your existing hearing aid audiologist/ audiometrist and Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon to establish whether a bone conduction implant is an appropriate option for you. We are always available to discuss your case with you or your hearing health provider. Contact us at

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