Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids

When recommending the best hearing aid, audiologists consider your preferences, ear health, hearing test results, daily activities and lifestyle.

Today’s sophisticated digital hearing aids can deliver a very high sound quality, and most people have the option of very discreet hearing devices.


What are Hearing Aids?

At their simplest, hearing aids consist of a microphone that catches the sound, an amplifier that makes the signal louder and a loudspeaker that sends the amplified sound into the ear canal.

Modern hearing aids act like small computers, which analyse the sound and transform it to provide optimal hearing and quality, even in challenging settings such as restaurants.


Hearing aidTypes of Hearing Aids:

BTE (behind the ear) sits behind the ear, offers a wide range of size, colours, manual controls and can suit variable degree of hearing loss.

ITE (in the ear) is larger than the ITC and depending on its size will be visible in the ear. You can also have manual controls with this aid.

ITC (in the canal) is slightly larger than the CICs and therefore you can have manual controls.

CIC (completely in the canal) fits entirely within the ear canal.

Hearing aids are available in many shapes and sizes.

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