Paediatric Hearing Assessments

Paediatric Hearing assessments

Paediatric Hearing Assessment                      

Hearing assessments for children are a specialization and must be done by an Audiologist. We use specific questions to gather information relating to your concerns, your child’s history of ear health and hearing healthcare to date.

We carefully inspect the outer ear and eardrum for signs of pathology, before testing how the middle ear is functioning (checking for glue ear, fluid behind the eardrum and perforation of the eardrum).

We measure your child’s hearing levels, aiming to establishing the type and severity of hearing problems, as well their ability to understand speech. The results are analyzed, explained to you and communicated to other healthcare professionals.

You do not need a referral for a hearing assessment. For most efficient outcomes, it is best to have available any previous test results and reports.

As trusted Audiologists, we work closely with GP’s, Ear Nose and Throat Specialists and Neurologists to ensure your child receives the best care.

If you are concerned with your child’s hearing, call Medical Audiology Services to find out more about what specialist paediatric audiologists can offer you.

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