Protective Ear Plugs

Noise Ear Plugs

Noise Plugs

Custom made Noise Plugs can help prevent noise-induced hearing loss. Exposure to excessive and repeated loud noises overtime can provoke a permanent hearing loss. Noises plugs can help in the workplace, at home or in recreational settings.

Musicians Ear Plugs

Musicians and Singers Plugs

If you are a musician or a singer, the sound quality has to be preserved when wearing an earplug. Standard noise plugs are not suitable for you as they will over-attenuate the high frequencies altering the sound quality.

A custom musician earplug is designed to be comfortable and provide hearing protection without distorting the sound. You can choose attenuation levels of:
10dB – ideal for vocalists, guitarists, woodwind instruments.
15dB – ideal for guitarists, bass players
25dB – ideal for drummers, percussionist, concert goers.

Swimmers Ear Plugs

Swimming Plugs

Swimmers earplugs ensure that your ears are kept warm and dry when you are enjoying the water. A custom made earplug specially made for swimmers is comfortable and the most reliable option.

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