Tinnitus Assessment & Management

Hearing aidTinnitus and Management

Tinnitus is commonly described as ringing, buzzing, hissing, roaring or clicking in the ears or head. It occurs in the absence of an external sound, and is sometimes termed a “phantom sound”. In the past, it was believed that tinnitus was related only to changes in the ear and hearing.

Recent advances in tinnitus research have demonstrated that there is an important involvement of brain structures in the tinnitus mechanism. Tinnitus is experienced by millions of people, but many of them ignore it easily. However, sometimes the condition deteriorates the person’s quality of life, interfering with sleep, concentration, work and social life.

Tinnitus can be triggered by many factors, the most common of which are excessive noise, certain medications and damage to the inner ear or to the hearing nerve.

Management of Tinnitus

There are various treatment options available:

Hearing aidNeuromonics Treatment Device (shown right) – Specialised Hearing Aids – Tinnitus Masking – Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment – Tinnitus Retraining Therapy

Other forms of treatment include: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Stress Management Counselling

For more information about the Management of Tinnitus contact Medical Audiology Services on 08 9321 7746.

The following links may also assist you; www.neuromonics.com.au www.ata.org www.tinnitus.org

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