What is an Audiologist

What is an Audioligist?

Audiologists are specialists in every aspect of hearing health care.  They assess the extent of a patient’s hearing loss, balance and related disorders, design rehabilitative programmes and recommend appropriate treatment.

Audiologists provide rehabilitative services to people who are hearing impaired or hard of hearing and persons at risk of hearing loss due to noise exposure. Common causes of permanent hearing loss include congenital abnormality, genetic causes, noise injury, age exposure to certain drugs and chronic middle ear infections.

Educational Requirements

Audiologists require a Bachelor’s Degree in a related science such as speech and hearing, communication, psychology, linguistics etc.

The next step is a Master’s Degree in Audiology, which will include a working internship in a hospital, private hearing clinic or health facility.

Following a year of supervised practice, a new graduate will become eligible for a Certificate of Clinical Practice from the Australian Audiological Society (ASA) and subsequently become qualified practitioners with the Office of Hearing Services (OHS).

For further information on the “Scope of Practice” in Audiology refer to http://www.audiology.asn.au/pdf/asa_ib006.pdf

What is  an Audiometrist?

An Audiometrist has different qualifications to an Audiologist.

In Australia, Audiometrists usually have a TAFE level qualification that focuses upon the development of technical skills to fit a hearing aid to a competent adult client by following standard protocols for standard cases, under the supervision of audiologists.


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