Hearing Aid Accessories

Dry Aid Kits and Dry Capsules

Dry aid kits and dry capsules

When moisture builds up in hearing aids, it can affect the internal circuit of your device provoking a decrease in sound quality and the batteries’ life.

To prolong the life of your hearing device there are two important actions:
1 – Clean your device so that it is kept free of earwax as much as possible.
2 – Ensure that as much moisture as possible is eliminated from your hearing aids, especially if you live in a hot humid climate.

To help decrease or eliminate problems provoked by moisture, there are a few cleaning products and dry aid kits available to you. Dry aid kits should be used every night before you go to bed. For some dry aid kits, you need to remove the batteries from the aid, for others you can leave them in. MOST USES REPORT BETTER SOUND QUALITY AND FEWER REPAIRS!

You can also get a dry kit with a germicidal lamp inside which destroys 99.9% of the micro-organisms that are most likely to cause problems such as recurrent ear infections.


Dry Aid Kits with Germicidal Lamp

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