Medical Audiology Services aims to produce an informative bi-annual newsletter that focuses on current topics relevant to our clients.

Recent topics include:

  • The latest news in cochlear implant systems
  • Negative and positive consequences of hearing loss
  • What’s new in the world of hearing amplification
  • Dementia and hearing loss
  • Why hearing with two ears is better than one
  • Dizziness and ringing in the ears

If you would like to receive information on a specific topic, email us or call us on 08 9321 7746 or [email protected]


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Christmas Newsletter 2017

Spring 2016 Newsletter
1. The Aging Ear – Why is everyone mumbling?

Autumn 2016 Newsletter
1. What are the different degrees of hearing Loss?

Spring 2015 Newsletter
1. What’s New at MAS?
2. MAS welcomes back Anne Gardner
3. Sound Enrichment for Tinnitus Relief
4. Time to give your hearing aids a spring clean?

Autumn 2015 Newsletter
1. New Developments in Hearing Technologies
2. Back to university
3. Donald Brown: My Cochlear Implant Experience
4. Insuring your hearing devices

Spring 2014 Newsletter
1. Facts and figures about hearing
2. Meet Amanda Riley, our Office Administrator
3. Cochlear Implant Workshop

Autumn 2014 Newsletter
1. Why hearing with two ears is better than with one
2. Dementia and hearing loss in older adults
3. What’s new in the world of cochlear implants?
4. Our balance system
5. Dizziness

Spring 2013 Newsletter
1. Hearing Loss and Cognitive Decline in Older Adults

Winter 2013 Newsletter
1. The latest news in Cochlear Implant systems: RONDO
2. Negative and positive consequences of hearing loss
3. What’s New in The World of Hearing Amplification?
4. Real people… real life: read it for a smile
5. Who we are and what we do

Summer 2013 Newsletter
1. Implantable bone conduction hearing devices
2. What’s New in The World of Hearing Research?
3. Hearing Loss and Brain Decline
4. CROS wireless hearing aids

Spring 2012 Newsletter
1. Factors related to communication breakdown
2. Cochlear Implant support group
3. Understanding your hearing test
4. Unilateral Hearing Loss: the effects of hearing in one ear only

Summer 2011 Newsletter
1. Cochlear Implant: What is an Electrical Acoustic or Hybrid Cochlear Implant and when to consider it?
2. Assistive Listening Devices: other options to help you hear
3. Research activities

Winter 2011 Newsletter
1. What is a cochlear implant and when to consider it?
2. Know more about Baha – Bone conduction implant.
3. Other options when hearing aids are not enough.
4. Tinnitus (ringing… buzzing… noise in the ears)