Hearing Aids & hearing tests

Medical Audiology offers a full range of hearing rehabilitation options independent of hearing aid manufacturers or commission-based sales. This means that our audiologists are free to recommend the most clinically appropriate devices, without the pressure of sales targets.

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Hearing Aids

Medical Audiology Services endorses and complies with the ACCC guidelines for choosing hearing aids. For the official guideline please click here.

Medical Audiology is proud to be an independentno-commission clinic that offers a wide range of brands, technologies and prices. We provide unbiased hearing aid choices that best fit your individual needs. When recommending a hearing aid, the audiologist will take into consideration your:

  • Ear health
  • Any previous hearing aid experience
  • Lifestyle
  • Preference regarding aesthetics
  • Type and level of your hearing loss
  • Budget
  • Ability to manage devices

There are many types and models of hearing aids. It is best you discuss your options with your audiologist. For an overview, please click here.

You do not need a referral for a hearing aid assessment but we do work closely with General Practitioners, Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists and Neurologists to ensure you receive the best care.