I can hear so many things, I’d not heard for so long.

I had no real knowledge on cochlear implants. After being told hearing aids could no longer help my deafness, I started reading information given to me and became a little more up to date. I was nervous about have a cochlear implant, as I knew nobody that had already had one. But I felt I had been given hope, to regain what I’d lost for so many years.

I can hear so many things, I’d not heard for so long. My family and friends don’t need to shout, or write notes anymore. I can listen to the television, radio and can truly appreciate our lovely church pipe organ, but most of all, time spent with my husband speaking quietly is wonderful.

Jasmine Small – Cochlear implant recipient

I can now hear the radio and the TV.

My fear at having a Cochlear implant was having an operation and the fear that it would not work. This fear was overcome by talking to my family & friends and listening to their comments about getting it done & how it would improve my life. Also by speaking to the surgeon Dr Steven Rodrigues who explained what would happen and his kindness & understanding about my concerns.

The staff at Medical Audiology Services are wonderful, always making me feel comfortable and that they are happy to serve you whenever you come in. Andre, from day 1 has been so understanding and nothing is too much trouble for him, he has made my journey so relaxing to know I can ask anything of him and never feel that I am being silly with anything that I don’t understand.

With the Cochlear implant, I can now hear the radio and the TV and also being able to once again use the phone instead of hearing a garbled mess. My conversation hearing has improved so much as before I missed out on a lot of things being said so I didn’t like going out very much.

My husband and family are happy for me that my hearing has made my life a lot happier going from no hearing in that ear to now being able to hear most things and as for me I know I am more confident at hearing.

Joan Manifis – Cochlear implant recipient

I am very happy with my cochlear implant.

My hearing in conversations of more than 2 people was a problem in the past, but with a cochlear implant in one ear and a hearing aid in the other, I have a much better range of hearing. In other words, two ears functioning are better than one.

It is a big decision to make, having a cochlear implant, but in my case the one good ear that I had was reducing in effectiveness and I could see the time was approaching when I would possibly receive no benefit from hearing aids. I am now well placed to get the best results possible out of my two functioning ears.

I am very happy with the outcome of my decision to go down the road of a cochlear implant. The assistance provided and advice given by Vesna and the team at medical audiology services has been first class and greatly appreciated.

Robert Stone – Cochlear implant recipient