Tinnitus is a symptom, similar to pain, and can be triggered by many factors. Some forms of tinnitus can be cured if their underlying causes are curable. Common examples are earwax impaction and some ear infections. Tinnitus associated with hearing loss and otosclerosis generally responds well to specialist medical and audiological treatments. This is why careful, accurate diagnosis is critical in tinnitus treatment, and why it is helpful to involve different health professionals on a case-by-case basis for a comprehensive, targeted solution.

Tinnitus that is longstanding, very troublesome or stems from incurable causes can be effectively managed, with minimal awareness and disturbance being the goal, despite the possibility of an ongoing sound being heard. This is similar to our minimal awareness of many environmental sounds like fans, distant traffic, footsteps and many others. Think about the sensation of the shoes on your feet or the seat you are sitting on right now. It can be relieving to know that after effective treatment tinnitus can fall into the same neutral category as these sensations (causing brief, non-distressing awareness only after being asked about it without ongoing intrusion and annoyance).

Whatever form your tinnitus takes, it will almost certainly get better over time.

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