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Paediatric Hearing Screening


Important Questions About Paediatric Hearing Screening that Parents Ask Out of every 1000 children, 2 of them are born with hearing loss. But most of them are born to parents with normal hearing. However, medical experts are suggesting that newborn babies should have paediatric hearing screening. So, as early as possible, hearing issues can be detected […]

Hearing Test West Perth


Children’s Hearing Tests in West Perth What Parents Need To Know Hearing issues are common in children but this does not mean they should not be taken seriously. The most common types of hearing issues in children are temporary fluctuations caused by infections or a build-up of fluid behind the eardrum. Often, these types of […]

Children Hearing Specialists


Children Hearing Specialists What Do Children Hearing Specialists Recommend? Hearing issues being associated with old age is not entirely accurate. In fact, auditory malfunctions can be present in children as well. However, the condition between adults and young children can be a lot different. For that reason, we have children hearing specialists to guide parents, […]