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Ear Ringing Condition


What Makes My Ear Ringing Worse? Tinnitus is the perception of sound that is not present in the environment. For many people, this is a ringing type of sound. Tinnitus is not a diagnosis or disease in itself, but a symptom. Generally, the cause of tinnitus is some kind of damage to the hearing organs. […]



Important Things You Might Not Know About Your Hearing Our sense of hearing is provided by a complex system of organs and structures. It can also be greatly misunderstood! While hearing loss is a common condition, there are many misconceptions about hearing and our ears that still persist The auditory system is one of the […]

Paediatric Hearing Screening


Important Questions About Paediatric Hearing Screening that Parents Ask Out of every 1000 children, 2 of them are born with hearing loss. But most of them are born to parents with normal hearing. However, medical experts are suggesting that newborn babies should have paediatric hearing screening. So, as early as possible, hearing issues can be detected […]

Quick Hearing Test

quick hearing test

Steps for a quick hearing test you need to know Some patients get anxious when visiting an audiologist to undergo a quick hearing test for the first time. Taking the first step to get advice about your hearing can be a confronting and intimidating. The audiologists at Medical Audiology Services are there to guide you […]

Different Hearing Tests


What different hearing tests am I likely to undergo in an audiology clinic? Hearing deterioration is common as people age. But that does not mean that it only happens to old people. In fact, over a third of people with hearing loss are still of working age1. Hearing loss in younger people can be due […]

Children Hearing Specialists


Children Hearing Specialists What Do Children Hearing Specialists Recommend? Hearing issues being associated with old age is not entirely accurate. In fact, auditory malfunctions can be present in children as well. However, the condition between adults and young children can be a lot different. For that reason, we have children hearing specialists to guide parents, […]

Children Hearing Tests

children hearing tests

What Should You Expect During Children Hearing Tests? As much as we fear the worst for our kids, sometimes the worst is not what we expect. Concerns are often misplaced and we are bound by misleading information from unreliable sources.  Apparently, detecting a hearing loss in children from an early age is important. An undetected […]